Transform Communities


God wants to see your community transformed

 Here are eight simple steps you can take to help people become connected to God and each other.  

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1. Pray

Build a prayer network and prayer lifestyle. Listen to God and ask others to pray for you.

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2. Build a team

Build a Team

Jesus sent out his disciples in teams.  You will accomplish so much more if you don't work alone.

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3. Sharpen your vision

Sharpen your Vision

What does God want you to accomplish and how does He want you to start? Here are tools that will help you sharpen and communicate your vision to others.

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4. Serve your community

Serve Your Community

What community needs can your team meet?  Serving with the proper motive can open amazing doors for positive interaction.

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5. Connect people to Jesus

Connect people to Jesus

Start Discovery Groups to help people discover for themselves what God is like and how He wants them relate to others.

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6. Multiply groups

Empower group members to start new groups which will start their own new groups.

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7. Start gatherings


Bring groups together into gatherings where they can learn about God from one another.

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8. Send Teams

Send Teams

Send teams to new places. We want every community to be transformed by Jesus.

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