"Without a vision the people perish"

What is your vision?



Helping Friends

Do you have a passion to see your friends come to know Jesus like you know him?

MyFriends trains everyday followers of Jesus to live in such a way that it creates opportunities for their unchurched friends to experience Jesus, connect with Him and form groups with their own friends and family to discover Gods story.

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Reaching New People

Many people do not have a single Christian friend. Will you reach out to them?

The ABC's of Discipleship provide you with a roadmap when entering into a new community or starting to build new relationships. Following the letters of the alphabet, this roadmap will highlight the next step for every person you meet.

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Do you want to see your community transformed? What about your country, your continent, the world?

You are not going to be able to do this alone.  But you can change the way people relate to God and to each other as you follow these eight steps.

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Will you help others be successful?

Experience shows that people are  twice as likely to be successful in evangelism and discipleship if they have a coach.

Here's Life is building a team of coaches who want to have a world-wide impact. You don't have to be an expert.  We will train you.

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Start Churches

Want to plant a new faith community?

MC² (Multiplying Faith-Communities and Churches) is a simple and transferable training process that can be used to equip people in the essential principles and steps of launching and multiplying faith-communities resulting in church movements.

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Train Disciplemakers

Has God given you a passion to train others?

The New Life Training Curriculum was developed by Campus Crusade for Christ to help you raise up people to lead a spiritual movement. Training takes place in four levels. Each level can be completed over an intensive weekend or in weekly sessions over a quarter year.

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Revitalize Your Church

Ready for change?

Shiftm2M is designed to shift you from maintaining ministries to building disciplemaking movements. Engage with other leaders as you immerse yourself in a chronological look at the life of Jesus.

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