How long until they respond?

Hi |first_name|,

Last week was our 31st Discovery Bible Study with Krish* and his wife.  

Krish* is still not a Christian.  His wife is.  Their daughter is going to a Christian primary school.

Should we keep on meeting? 

I'm not convinced that they are "people of peace" who will open doors to new social groups.

But they are family friends.  They are part of what I would call "my Great Commission assignment".  These are the people who are a natural part of my social circle that no one else is reaching out to.  I've known Krish's wife for over 20 years.

We meet about once a month for a meal and Discovery Bible Study.

What is it going to take for Krish* to come to faith?  I'm not sure.

What I do know is that during the last study Jesus spoke to me.  I heard the words "if I am lifted up I will draw all men unto me".

My role in the study is to make sure we "lift Jesus up" by reading and talking about the great things He has done.  It it Jesus' role to bring Krish* to a saving faith.

Would you take a minute to pray for Krish* asking that Jesus will show Krish his need for a Saviour?