I left before the DBS started

Yesterday was invited to  Michael's new apartment.  He lives on the 22nd floor of a brand new apartment building near the Sydney Olympic Centre.

What a view.

We spent 30 minutes on the rooftop looking at the city and visiting.

Then he and his wife served us a wonderful Chinese lunch.  I love duck.  

A dessert of fruit was served.... and I was ready to head home for a nap.  I've not been sleeping well lately and I was tired.

It was then that my wife told me that they were expecting a Discovery Bible Study. 


My wife and I had started the Discovery Bible Study with Michael and his wife, but we turned it over to Carrie and Alan several months ago.  Alan knew about the DBS and had already selected the passage for the day.  I knew that he would prefer to hold the discussion in Mandarin. I explained how I was tired and asked if my wife and I could leave before they started.  He was gracious and asked me to delay just a few minutes so they could pray for me.

It has only been four months since Alan has been baptized and he is leading this group well.  We meet every second week for a leadership DBS where I ask Alan and Carrie how Michael and his wife are doing.  My hope is that they will come to faith soon and that I will be able to watch Alan and Carrie baptize them.

Alan has also asked me to pray that he and his wife can start another group with some friends from work.

This is my story of the week.  What is yours?  I would love to hear how your DBS is working or not working -- then we can pray together for God to work.