When do you give DBS members a Bible?

Good morning |first_name|,

Yesterday I started questioning the way I lead my DBS again.

I normally bring just a piece of paper that has both the questions and the Bible passage that I have printed at  dmlife.info/dbs_maker.

Most of my groups need bi-lingual outlines, and this is the easiest way for me to make sure that everyone has the Bible passage in their heart language.

But, this weekend we had our 14th study with William* and Jay*.  We normally only meet once a month, so this means it is 30 days between Bible readings.

I asked William* if he had a Bible, and he told me he had a small New Testament.  I told him I'd drop by a complete Bible this coming week.

At what point do you introduce a full Bible to your groups? 

I like to have everyone reading the same text. Is is that important to you? How do you accomplish this if everyone brings their own Bible?

Looking forward to hearing from you.